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About Saber Tooth...

"I am more than just an artist. I AM the walking soundtrack."

Saber Tooth is a multi genre artist within the hip hop/rap community, who doesn't play by the rules, always leaving a lasting & inspiring influence on all of her fans.  She brings a magical, mystical, hypnotic sound into the world of Hip Hop, blending together her own creative twist of artistry in all that she does. She lives art. Through her music, you can see she is different. Unique, talented, innovative, & a truly authentic artist in every sense of the word. 

"My life has always been a movie.  Life's always been a stage. NOW I'm ACTUALLY living it." 

Kansas City, Missouri's very own, Saber Tooth, is an underground, self made female entrepreneur, who is now being noticed across the globe with her unique voice, unique character, original music. The vibe she brings wherever she goes in unmistakable. Somehow she always finds a way to bring a positive twist to any situation &  lights up the room! 

Saber tooth, also known as "Saben Tooth Tiger" has toured, traveled, collaborated & worked with multiple musicians, producers, & bands, & artists across the country. She has done everything on her own. Beginning with building & running her own recording studio, learning to record, mix and  produce her own music, to traveling & performing her own original tracks.

If her music fits in a category, it would be somewhere between alternative/hip hop/emo rock/rap/pop. As she has said in interviews,

 "I'm just making music, which will is likely to  create a new genre in itself."

Authentic to the core. Her music & style are beautiful, eerie, dark, inspirational, strange, angelic, crazy, & hypnotic.  True stories, words of inspiration, coping with struggles, & regaining your power. Music which is the energy that moves from brains, to mouths, to ears, to your speakers, to your ears, hit repeat!

Solo dolo Tigress. Lyrical genius. Musical Empress. The High Priestess of Soundwaves. 

Artist in every form of the word. Reality maker, creator, Goddess, innovator, song writer, freestyler rapper, singer. Performing artist who comes alive on stage. 


"A legend before I die.  Leaving My Legacy behind for you to define."

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